Teatergatan 3, Stockholm

Wallmans is one of Sweden’s leading showbiz establishments and were the first to introduce the successful concept of waiters and waitresses also providing the on-stage entertainment.

The renovation of Teatergatan 3 which opened in 1991 was inevitable.

A lounge was added for those who need to have some quiet time away from the restaurant upstairs, still with the show screened behind a mirror in the wall to make sure you wont miss the next show number.

Inspiration was taken from the golden age of showbiz in the 50ies. Hand painted glass ceilings with naked light bulbs dropping down and walls covered with dark walnut consistently in all rooms. To dense sound and adding warmth, heavy velvet drapes cover large walls. The furniture are the original.

Inside the restrooms the washbowls come in sets of three inspired by boudoirs and the wastepaper baskets and the automatic paper towel dispensers are hidden behind the mirrors.