Shinjuku, Tokyo

I was hired freelance for this project and worked together with the firm Claesson Koivisto Rune.

In our first discussions the idea was to create a completely new hotel in place of an already existing structure, however halfway through the project it was discovered that the necessary building permits could not be obtained, and because of time limitations and a reduced budget the Japanese company Re-Plus decided to make it into a complete renovation project. I worked closely as a liaison for CKR, with Re-Plus. I designed the main entrance, corridors, elevators, lounge and collaborated on the outside entrance.

The lighting fixture from MOOOI was used en masse to project a sculptural and transparent effect on the ceiling and create ambience in the entire lounge.

This project gave me an opportunity to design custom textiles, wallpapers and furniture.

The hotel rooms and the remainder of the building were done by several other Japanese companies. The terms were completely free, with a budget of course, but the use of strong colors and patterns were spoken for. The color pink was a focal point of the interior; in different shades and in the unique style of the Swedish company OFFECCT, which was the manufacturer of the furniture. The chosen furniture was all designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. Some of which I designed for them for previous projects.

Hundreds of photos were taken and detailed discussions with Re-Plus took place on a daily basis creating the space now known by patrons as The Hotel Kaiyo.