22 October    02:27

Åhléns Stockholm

Make Up Store, a leading make up brand in Sweden was founded by Mika Liias. Less than a decade ago he started his first ever Make Up Store on one of the poshest streets in Stockholm. Mika's aim was to create “a world of colours”, encorporating lines from designers and artsists from throughout Scandinavia and Europe. He created a unique concept that had not been seen on the market before.

His collaboration with different designers is much like the project H&M is doing with different fashion designers. Lars Wallin has been one of his most succesful collaborations. Lars Wallin is one of Sweden's most famous designers, creating haute couture for teh likes of teh Princess of Sweden, and Rock and Pop royalty alike. Together, Lars and I created a unique look for his line of products which now has a presence in every major city in Sweden.